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Success and Significance are Achieved Through Daily Motivation and a Desire to Succeed

Daily Motivation is your key to a powerful and successful day, every day. Spend a few minutes with The Number 1 Results and Bestselling Author, Shawn Shewchuk, January 1st to December 31st.

Up-Level your results, build Strong, Powerful and High Trust Relationships and achieve significance when you join forces and leverage the High-Performance wealth that comes from decades of client interactions and massive business success.
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What's Inside the book?

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Join Shawn Shewchuk every day as he guides you through the steps to success and significance with Daily Motivation.

From New Years Day to December 31st, Shawn shares with you the daily steps to achieving more and doing from a unique and proven perspective. Every power day, which is every day, has a special and timely message of motivation authored by Shawn. Every month has a day dedicated especially to it, that delivers an experience that is important to you and the results that you want and need that month.

There are special days, holidays, memorable days, even days that will engage you beyond merely reading the power message, and of course there are all the daily messages that are written just for you.

Every day delivers an experience that is memorable and transformational.

How Can this Book Help?
Gain a new Perspective on what your results can be
Become motivated and share this gift with others around you
Achieve your goals and objectives in less time

About Shawn Shewchuk

In addition to the 11,500 clients that Shawn and his team have successfully partnered with, Shawn is always doing more. He gives back through volunteering on boards, investing in young people that are driven to achieve more, and was a founding member of a charity that serves those that need a hand up.

Shawn Shewchuk is THE Productivity Speaker, The Number 1 Results Coach, Bestselling Author, Movie Star and Producer. He is the creator of the High Productivity Systems and founder of the

Shawn is also the founder of Results Press, the leading non-fiction hybrid publisher for experts, high achievers, and leaders that want to have a greater impact and gain instant credibility.

"Working with Shawn Shewchuk has been an incredible experience. Within hours because of the coaching from Shawn, I generated an additional $24,000. My business keeps growing and I am on target to hit my goal of $1,000,000 within one year. If you get the opportunity to work with Shawn, do it!"
Jon Lamont
The investment in Shawn was significant but well worth it. He allowed my business to grow to 7 figures and beyond in a stable way. He also helped me understand my value so that I could create a new division in the info space.
Jason Greschuk